People in your neighbourhood – November 2020

Home is where…

Urban living in Auckland by Six He is built like a prize fighter, he is articulate and humble. His body is decorated with a lifetime of ink and if the lighting is favorable he resembles a young Vin Diesel. In another lifetime maybe he could have been an action movie star too.  But this isn't... Continue Reading →

Dorothy Campbell’s Guide for Grown Ups

How to make a simple stove using tin cans. MATERIALSlarge can (roughly 500 grams, big enough to cover a small tuna tin)single serve tuna tin (or similar)corrugated cardboardcooking oil, grease or wax TOOLSchurch key bottle openertin snips To Make Stove1: Take a large empty tin can and flip over. Along the closed end, make six... Continue Reading →

Where’s the fire

Where's the fire? By H Sthompson Ever thought of being a career firefighter? Roger Callister, Assistant Area Commander, New Zealand Fire & Emergency Now is your chance, as The New Zealand Fire and Emergency Service is recruiting. Roger Callister, Assistant Area Commander, New Zealand Fire & Emergency, is a veteran firefighter with 41 years... Continue Reading →

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