Dorothy Campbell’s Guide for Grown Ups

How to make a simple stove using tin cans.

large can (roughly 500 grams, big enough to cover a small tuna tin)
single serve tuna tin (or similar)
corrugated cardboard
cooking oil, grease or wax

church key bottle opener
tin snips

To Make Stove
1: Take a large empty tin can and flip over. Along the closed end, make six holes around the rim using a church key bottle opener. 
2: Create a damper using tin snips at the base of your stove. Make two cuts in the bottom (open) end, roughly two centimetres long and six centimetres apart. Bend out to open the damper. The damper can be closed or open to control heat.

To Make Burner

To Make Burner
A: Stuff tuna can with strips of corrugated cardboard

B: Add cooking oil, grease or wax

C: Light cardboard

D: Place stove over burner

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